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Docsketch is electronic signature software that you can use to sign documents. Upload Word, PDF, and other files and use Docsketch for all of your document signing needs.

Find out how Docsketch speeds up your document signing.

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Free eSignature Software Comparison (vs the "Manual Method")

Here is a quick overview of the differences between Docsketch and manually signing documents.

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Manual Method
Time to Sign
1 minute or less
Unknown (depends on printing, signing, scanning, etc.)
Electronic Signatures
Instant Open Notifications
Permanent Digital Record
Legally Valid Signatures

9,500+ businesses use Docsketch for easy electronic signatures

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Looking to create an electronic signature? Then You Should Use Docsketch.

If you're researching ways to sign your documents, you'll find that the best way to do this is by using Docsketch. It's the easiest way to take most any file, complete it online, and apply a digital version of your signature. Alternatively, you can use an online signature tool and download a digital signature and find a way to embed it into your documents, but it's a more complicated and time consuming process.

Plus, you won't benefit from instant notifications and other features that you'll only find with software that was built to complete and sign documents online.

With Docsketch, you upload your file, drag-and-drop fields that need to completed, and draw or type a signature on your document. Without downloading any software, and without the need to print or scan anything. You also can send documents to other people that need to sign them and get notified when they've opened and completed everything.

Document Signing

Sign Documents in Minutes and Speed Up Sales Documents

Docsketch was built to make signing documents quick an easy. No need to download software or apps. And you definitely don't have to frustrate you or your clients by making them deal with printers and scanning equipment. Simply upload the documents you need to be signed and complete your parts of the document before sending it off to get the rest of the document signed. Any recipients that open the document will be guided through and told what they need to complete and where they should do it. This refined process makes it so that you cut turnaround time by 60% or more. Plus, Docsketch electronic signatures are compliant with US and international esignature laws.

Document Signing
Send as Document Tracking
Document tracking & analytics

See Where Your Documents are and Know When to Follow Up

Manually signing and sending documents to be signed by email won't get you the type of insights you can get with Docsketch. You'll get insights into every document you send so that you'll know whether someone has opened their document yet, or if they opened it, but never completed it. This makes it easy to follow up with a friendly nudge and prevent common problems that can delay important closing paperwork. Most delays are caused by people forgetting or them not undrestanding certain parts of a document. Prevent both of those problems by using Docsketch.

Document Sharing

Share & Track Any Sales Document in Minutes

While Docsketch was built to help you quickly esign any document, it was also built with a larger goal in mind: to speed up all of your sales documents. This mean presentations, rate sheets, sales decks, and other sales collateral can be shared and tracked through Docsketch. Upload any files you'd like to track, copy the share link, and send to anyone that needs to view them. No need to set up fields or require a signature for these types of documents. You'll still receive instant notifications so you know when they've been opened and if you should follow up with someone. Share & Track links also let you restrict the download of files so that they don't get shared with competitors. Optionally require an email address to view as well.

Send as sales documents
Bulk sending
Send as sales documents

Require Approval for Estimates, Proposals, and Other Sales Docs

Certain types of sales documents need a different process on the receiving end. Asking someone to complete a contract is different than sending an estimate or proposal in a competitive scenario. Quotes and proposals are documents that need to be approved before they get finalized and signed, so we built this type of workflow into Docsketch. Enable the "send as sales document" feature to change the experience for the people receiving a document. With this feature enabled, an Approval button will show up at the top of the page that recipients click on to accept before finilizing the sale.

Cut turnaround on getting documents signed by 40% with Docsketch

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40% faster turnaround on contracts with online signatures

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Instant notifications so you know when contracts are opened

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100% legally binding paperless agreements, forms, and other documents

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